Newsletter Issue No. 5 Dated 14 November 2022

Athulya Performance Facilitators Causing Incredible Performance

Focus: Developing Facilitators and Coaches for Causing Incredible Performance

Athulya stepped into its third year on November 13, 2022!

We reiterate our commitment to creating abundance in the world by enabling people to cause incredible performance in any and every aspect that matters to them!

We fulfill this commitment by coaching people to apply the Causing Incredible Performance Framework – the Framework that

    • was developed based on over 250 astonishing results people produced, and
    • Has been applied to more than 750 people with a success rate of over 80%.

The need for people to cause incredible performance is enormous.  The demand for this work in large scale is increasing.  The work on CIP needs a large number of Facilitators and Coaches. 

Our commitment is to develop at least 100 Facilitators and Coached during these 25 years leading to the 100th year of India’s independence!

We invite everyone interested in becoming CIP Facilitators and Coaches to write to us at

Details of this commitment:

Those who become Facilitators and Coaches for CIP will be engaged in the programs of Athulya – these programs are detailed later.

The process of becoming CIP Facilitators and Coaches involves the following:

    1. Causing Incredible Performance in one area – about four months: understanding the CIP Framework and

getting coached (one hour per week) to apply the CIP Framework

    • Being an Observer in a Flag-ship program
    • Being an Observer in coaching sessions
    • Co-facilitating in Flag-ship programs
    • Coaching a few participants to cause incredible performance
    • Getting at least five people to do a Flag-ship program
    • Getting assessed on the mastery of the CIP
    • Framework on Facilitating and Coaching in CIP


    • Every part of the above process is flexible and can be customized for each person.
    • Our Facilitators and Coaches will support the entire process

Once a person completes the process successfully, she/he is completely free to offer the CIP programs through Athulya and/or through any other platform

Our Programs:

We offer the following versions of our Flag-ship program on “Causing Incredible Performance.”

One-on-One Program for Top-level Leaders: This program is ideal for CXOs, founders of start-ups and second and third-generation leaders of family-owned enterprises.  This is a five to six months program done through weekly or fortnightly coaching sessions, each of about 90 minutes.

 Participants are coached to understand and apply the CIP Framework in an aspect that is strategically important to their organizations.  

Program for Senior and Middle-level Executives:  This program, ideally conducted for 15 to 30 participants in a batch from an organization, has two Modules. 

During the 4-day Module 1, participants experientially understand the CIP Framework through outdoor and/or indoor activities.  After that, during three to four months of Module 2, they are coached – one-on-one – to apply the CIP framework in one of the aspects of their respective role that is important to their function/team.  These coaching sessions are weekly and for about 60 minutes each.

Open Programs: Anyone can participate in these programs, unlike the above two programs, which are in-house ones for organizations.  Module 1 (to understand the CIP Framework) is conducted online with over five sessions of about four hours each.  Typically, these sessions are during three weekends. 

Our other programs:

• Workshop on Understanding the CIP Framework: These workshops are conducted as in-house programs for organizations and open programs. These workshops can be conducted in person as well as online. They are typically for about 20 to 24 hours. For in-house workshops, the sessions can be staggered as required by each organization. After the workshop, organizations/participants can opt to be coached to cause incredible performance.
• Customised Programs based on the CIP Framework: These are programs on any part of the CIP Framework that an organization or individual wants to focus on. To initiate conversations to design these especially, please write to
• Retreats: These events are for expanding consciousness about performance. Typically, these are on some parts of the CIP Framework and are loosely structured to allow exploration by deeper self-reflection. These Retreats are offered at the instance of Athulya; they can also be customized for
an organization.