We conduct

    • In-house programs for organizations
    • Open programs for groups
    • Individuals

The programs have two Modules

    • Module 1: To understand the CIP Framework.
        • Conducted in-person and on-line
        • Is based on experiential learning, supplemented with just-in-time inputs
        • Is flexibly spread over 16 to 40 hours
    • Module 2: To actually cause incredible performance by applying the CIP Framework
        • Participants take up individual ‘CIP Projects’
        • In one aspect that is of importance
        • Project duration is about 3 months
        • Participants are coached to apply the CIP Framework – one hour per week

We also offer programs based on specific parts of the CIP Framework. Examples:

      • Keeping Your Word: Making and Keeping Commitments
      • Obstacles to Performance: How to Overcome Them
      • Voices and Dogmas: Expanding Limiting Boundaries
      • Bringing Ruthless Focus: Planning and Executing Rolling Actions
      • Incredible Goals: What They Are and How To Set Them
      • Why Cause Incredible Performance: Dis-covering A Compelling Purpose

Event Registration / Booking

      • Please see the listing of all our scheduled events at
      • Registration, booking and payment of fees (in INR) can be done on this page