Extraordinary results. Clearly measurable. In a short time. In any aspect. By anyone. In any context.

Athulya’s singular focus is on the above. The Causing Incredible Performance (CIP) Framework enables this.

We coach individuals to apply the CIP Framework. We enable organizations to embed a culture of incredible performance.

By applying the CIP Framework:

    • Working professionals at all levels (top leadership teams, middle management, and junior levels) in a wide variety of organizations (companies in various industries, government, NGOs, academic institutions, etc.) have caused unbelievable results in various KRAs (in increasing revenue, increasing profit, decreasing costs, introducing new products/services, increasing productivity and efficiency, upskilling competencies, etc.
    • People have started enterprises, scaled-up their start-ups, increased income, grown in career, improved their health and fitness, restarted passionate hobbies, shone in academic performance, and so on.

Athulya’s Clients