Frequently Asked Questions

What is CIP all about?

CIP is about actions that individuals take to produce astonishingly high results in anything they want.

Who can cause incredible performance?

Anyone who authentically desires to produce extraordinary results

How can I cause incredible performance?

By taking these two steps:

        • Step 1: Understand the CIP Framework. For this, you can join an open program announced by Athulya; or join an in-house program when your organization organizes one; or, if you want to do it individually, go through one-on-one sessions
        • Step 2: Apply the CIP Framework. For this, you decide what you want to cause incredible performance in. Then take the actions specified in the CIP Framework. There tools in the CIP Framework to aid in taking these actions. You will need one-on-one cochin in this step

In what matters can people cause incredible performance?

In any aspect of your life – organizational/professional roles and in personal life. Some examples:

        • In organization contexts: Increases in revenue, profit, productivity, and efficiency; reduction in costs; introducing new products, services, technologies, processes, and systems; increasing customer delight; career development
        • In personal life: income generation; improving health and fitness; restarting or starting hobbies; bringing in a discipline; learning something new

I am not sure about what I want to cause incredible performance in. How can I cause incredible performance?

Not to worry at all! We will coach you to get clarity and choose an aspect to cause incredible performance. Once this is done, take the two steps explained in “How can I cause incredible performance?”

If you are in an in-house program conducted in your organization, we strongly recommend you choose one of your KRAs; you can do this in consultation with your seniors

How long will a CIP program be for?

    • Module 1: To understand the CIP Framework – 16 to 40 hours, depending on the requirements
    • Module 2: To actually cause incredible performance – about 3 months

Is Module 2 compulsory?

No, Project work is strongly recommended for people to practice the CIP Framework, and to actually cause incredible performance in at least one aspect.

How will Module 1 (Understand the CIP Framework) be conducted?

Group programs (in-house and open programs) will be mainly based on activities and will be highly interactive. After an activity, participants will learn by reflecting on the contents of the CIP Handbook. This reflection will be in small groups, supplemented by just-in-time inputs.

These programs can be conducted as in-person programs or on-line programs. If in-person programs, we have found the Out Bound Learning to be very enriching

How will Module 2 (Apply the CIP Framework) be conducted?

You decide what you want to cause incredible performance in. You will do a “CIP Project” in this. This will be an individual project. The project will be for about 3 months. We will coach you to apply the CIP Framework and actually cause incredible performance n this aspect. Caching will be one-on-one, for about an hour per week. Coaching sessions will be scheduled before Module 2 begins.

Who will conduct Module 1 and coach during Module 2?

The Facilitators and Coaches are those who have a deep mastery over the CIP Framework. Each one has extensive coaching experience. Each one has caused incredible performance and continues to apply the CIP Framework in her/his life. Every one of us is passionate about enabling people, teams, organizations, and communities to cause incredible performance. We are demanding of the people we work with.

What is the minimum batch size required for a group program?

The ideal batch size will be between 10 and 25.

Is the impact of the program sustainable?

People can continue to cause incredible performance even after the program. This calls for people to apply the CIP Framework after the program too.

Is CIP about Performance Management?

No, CIP is not about Performance Management. Typically, programs on Performance Management deal with HR processes like designing roles, goal setting, performance planning, conducting reviews, providing feedback, performance appraisals, competency modeling, identifying competency-development needs, and competencies development. Such programs may also include consultation for processes and systems for the above. CIP does not deal with any of these.

Is CIP about leadership development?

No, CIP is not about leadership development. However, leadership capabilities can be developed when people apply the CIP Framework.

Is CIP about personality development?

No, CIP is not about personality development. However, there are examples that show that something fundamental seems to alter in people who apply the CIP Framework and produce incredible performance.