Newsletter Issue No. 5 Dated 14 November 2022

Athulya Performance Facilitators Causing Incredible Performance

Focus: Developing Facilitators and Coaches for Causing Incredible Performance

Athulya stepped into its third year on November 13, 2022!

We reiterate our commitment to creating abundance in the world by enabling people to cause incredible performance in any and every aspect that matters to them!

We fulfill this commitment by coaching people to apply the Causing Incredible Performance Framework – the Framework that

    • was developed based on over 250 astonishing results people produced, and
    • Has been applied to more than 750 people with a success rate of over 80%.

The need for people to cause incredible performance is enormous.  The demand for this work in large scale is increasing.  The work on CIP needs a large number of Facilitators and Coaches. 

Our commitment is to develop at least 100 Facilitators and Coached during these 25 years leading to the 100th year of India’s independence!

We invite everyone interested in becoming CIP Facilitators and Coaches to write to us at

Details of this commitment:

Those who become Facilitators and Coaches for CIP will be engaged in the programs of Athulya – these programs are detailed later.

The process of becoming CIP Facilitators and Coaches involves the following:

    1. Causing Incredible Performance in one area – about four months: understanding the CIP Framework and

getting coached (one hour per week) to apply the CIP Framework

    • Being an Observer in a Flag-ship program
    • Being an Observer in coaching sessions
    • Co-facilitating in Flag-ship programs
    • Coaching a few participants to cause incredible performance
    • Getting at least five people to do a Flag-ship program
    • Getting assessed on the mastery of the CIP
    • Framework on Facilitating and Coaching in CIP


    • Every part of the above process is flexible and can be customized for each person.
    • Our Facilitators and Coaches will support the entire process

Once a person completes the process successfully, she/he is completely free to offer the CIP programs through Athulya and/or through any other platform

Our Programs:

We offer the following versions of our Flag-ship program on “Causing Incredible Performance.”

One-on-One Program for Top-level Leaders: This program is ideal for CXOs, founders of start-ups and second and third-generation leaders of family-owned enterprises.  This is a five to six months program done through weekly or fortnightly coaching sessions, each of about 90 minutes.

 Participants are coached to understand and apply the CIP Framework in an aspect that is strategically important to their organizations.  

Program for Senior and Middle-level Executives:  This program, ideally conducted for 15 to 30 participants in a batch from an organization, has two Modules. 

During the 4-day Module 1, participants experientially understand the CIP Framework through outdoor and/or indoor activities.  After that, during three to four months of Module 2, they are coached – one-on-one – to apply the CIP framework in one of the aspects of their respective role that is important to their function/team.  These coaching sessions are weekly and for about 60 minutes each.

Open Programs: Anyone can participate in these programs, unlike the above two programs, which are in-house ones for organizations.  Module 1 (to understand the CIP Framework) is conducted online with over five sessions of about four hours each.  Typically, these sessions are during three weekends. 

Our other programs:

• Workshop on Understanding the CIP Framework: These workshops are conducted as in-house programs for organizations and open programs. These workshops can be conducted in person as well as online. They are typically for about 20 to 24 hours. For in-house workshops, the sessions can be staggered as required by each organization. After the workshop, organizations/participants can opt to be coached to cause incredible performance.
• Customised Programs based on the CIP Framework: These are programs on any part of the CIP Framework that an organization or individual wants to focus on. To initiate conversations to design these especially, please write to
• Retreats: These events are for expanding consciousness about performance. Typically, these are on some parts of the CIP Framework and are loosely structured to allow exploration by deeper self-reflection. These Retreats are offered at the instance of Athulya; they can also be customized for
an organization.

Newsletter Issue No. 4 Dated 04 June 2022

Athulya Performance Facilitators Causing Incredible Performance Newsletter

This Newsletter issue must have been published on May 13, 2022. Acknowledging and apologizing for this not happening.  This issue also continues to be in the text format, not in the video or audio format we wondered if it could be in.

From the time we registered Athulya on November 13, 2020, we had the privilege of enabling organizational employees and other individuals to cause incredible performance.  Here’s a brief about these:


    1. The second program is for a non-profit.  This was for the leadership team in Bihar.  We did the first program for the leadership team in the Dangs district of Gujarat.
    1. The program for senior managers of a software company in AI-powered services in the supply chain space is going on now.  Participants from Los Angeles, San Jose, Dallas, Pune and Bangalore are participating in this program.
    1. We completed the first program for professionals in a company providing analytics services for life sciences.
    1. The Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA) organized one more Management Development Program on CIP.
    1. Senior leaders of a Bareilly-based non-profit organization in children’s education completed a CIP program.
    1. Senior leaders of a new-age enterprise in the agrifinance space completed a program on CIP.
    1. The top management team of a non-profit went through the first program on CIP.
    1. The second program for the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana is going on now.  This program’s district-level officers of the three Oil Marketing Companies from five States (Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan) are participating.  We had completed the first program in which officers of the OMCs from Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal participated.


We started doing one-on-one programs for individuals too.  During this period, more than 15 individuals went through these programs.  These included:

    • The CEO and co-founder of a USA-based pharmaceutical company – increase the revenue of his company.
    • A co-founder of a tech company in the cutting-edge Web 3.0 space – increase the customer-base
    • A co-founder of an EdTech start-up – increase the customer-base
    • The founder of a social enterprise involved in preserving traditional handloom weaves – increased the revenue of her enterprise.
    • A doctor running an IVF center – increases the number of successful IVF clients.
    • A nutrition consultant who started her second wellness center – to increase the revenue of her enterprise.
    • A Ph.D. scholar and HR faculty member – starting a career as a trainer
    • The owner of a hotel in a temple town – increasing revenue of his hotel
    • The head of talent management in a software company – number of offers accepted
    • The owner of a digital transformation consulting company – increase revenue
    • A retired officer from the Indian Revenue Service – starting a new hobby of painting
    • A retired senior citizen – liquidating his immovable assets
    • A senior official of a non-profit – starting or completing community assets under the Employment Guarantee scheme.
    • A middle-aged woman – reducing her body weight.
    • A technocrat entrepreneur– income from his metaverse offerings
    • The lady co-owner of a safety equipment trading company – increasing sales of her enterprise
    • A senior Management professional – income from the new coaching practice he was establishing

The variety in the above is astonishing.  The variety continues to confirm that the CIP Framework applies to anyone, in any context and for anything!

Newsletter Issue No. 3. Dated 13 March 2022

Facilitators Causing Incredible Performance

The focus of this issue: By-products of causing incredible performance

By applying the Causing Incredible Performance Framework, people produce astonishing results.  Apart from such results, which are specifically intended, unintended benefits come.  We can call these  “by-products.”  In this issue, we will look at some of these by-products.

The head of Operations in a non-banking financial services company applied the CIP Framework to improve her team’s performance.  She had to develop a set of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) related to customer payment.   The participant had to devise several SLAs in consultation with the ‘business’ teams and get them approved by the business heads.  While this participant achieved her incredible goal for the CIP Project, the main and lasting benefit for the company were these SLAs.

The Floor Manager of a call center took an incredible goal related to the number of ‘effective calls’ to be made by her team of 30 callers.  Even as she achieved her goal, there were some dramatic impacts on her team members’ behaviors: (a) being skeptical about reaching the incredible goal, and the team members were getting excited about this in a few weeks when they saw that they were achieving their weekly and daily targets; (b) when any team member was not likely to meet her/his daily target of effective calls, those who met their day’s target took on these short-falls to ensure that the team met its goal; (c) the team members who used to work much beyond the official timing to meet their daily targets, started to leave the office at the closing time and having achieved their daily targets; and (d) team members wanted to learn English language and MS-Excel by noticing their Floor Leader’s fluency in these.

A participant wanted to apply the CIP Framework to handle a health problem she had for 15+ years.  During coaching, she came up with an incredible goal to increase her productivity which was impacted by her ill health.  The by-product was a change in her personality.  Here are some of these changes in her own words: Confidence has replaced hesitation; actions have taken the place of over-thinking;

developed the feeling of ownership for whatever I do; learned to make decisions by broadening perspectives.  The main by-product (according to her) was her family members accepting that she is a capable businesswoman!  

A scientist who was quite an introvert became so sociable that he became an internal CIP coach for the next two batches.

While an executive in the quality department fell short f his incredible goal by a whisker, he completed several certificate programs during the 3-month CIP Project.

A middle-level manager’s 3-month CIP Project was about reducing the inventory of finished goods.  Even as she was getting coached to apply the CIP Framework in this project, she – on her own – applied the Framework to start an enterprise.  She fast-tracked her 3-month goal, resigned from the company after achieving her incredible goal and started her enterprise.

We coached Sales Executives of a company with a ‘traditional-hierarchical’ culture.  Having achieved their incredible goals, when their next year’s targets were set by the Head of Sales (who was many levels above in the hierarchy), these executives declined the targets set, saying that they were too low!.  They went one step further and asked the Head of Sales. “Why are you afraid of taking on bigger targets when we are confident of bigger getting numbers?”

A participant who started an enterprise by applying the CIP Framework promoted her enterprise’s services and products by delivering talks and seminars in the city.  When the press covered her lectures, she became a celebrity in the city!

Newsletter Issue No. 2. Dated 13 January 2022

Athulya Performance Facilitators Causing Incredible Performance

The focus of this issue: Off-beat applications of the CIP Framework

Someone asked for a 30+ page ‘brochure’ of Athulya and CIP.  One information we wanted in the brochure was the list of organizations we had done for the CIP programs.  When we collected this list, we were surprised: the list was more than 40 long!

Many of these were corporate businesses; there were also non-corporate organizations.  Apart from these, the CIP Framework was also applied by individuals who participated in our ‘open programs.’

In this issue of the Newsletter, we share a few ‘off-beat’ examples from the application of the CIP Framework in noncorporate organizations and by participants of open programs.

Government Programs:  We got the first opportunity to do the CIP program in a government program viz., Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana in Odisha.  Noticing this impact, it was decided that CIP programs be conducted for PMUY in all the States and Union Territories of India!  We have completed the program for five states (Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Assam.)  We are about to conduct the program in five more States (Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Gujarat.)

Political Parties: We conducted a three-day program based on outbound learning for about 30 top leadership teams of a political party.  We have now proposed to conduct CIP programs for two political parties in two States and the youth wing of a party.

Youth Movements: We did two CIP programs for We The Leaders Foundation.  We are currently doing the program for the first batch of participants from the Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement.

NGOs: In collaboration with Sir Dorabhji Tata Trust and Pradan, we did two programs for about 50 non-government rural development organizations in the Bundelkhand region.  Participants from the Aga Khan Rural Support Program (India)’s team in Gujarat’s Dangs district (that too during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic), we are now doing the program for AKRSP(I)’s team in Bihar.  We had the wonderful opportunity to do the CIP program for the Center for Micro-Finance and Livelihood, Assam and Lokmitra – an NGO in Uttar Pradesh engaged in children’s education.

Collaboration with other institutions:  We did open programs with other institutions like the Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA), Vidya Dairy, NSRCEL of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad Management Association, National HRD Network and TED.

Start-ups: The first application of the CIP Framework (when the Framework was in quite a nascent stage) was in Life Circle Health Services – a social enterprise providing home-based healthcare services to senior citizens with morbidities.  Starlite Nutrition was another start-up that took off by applying the CIP Framework.  The founder of another start-up (DBDA Solutions) was coached to apply the Framework. Another start-up in the social enterprise space in which the founder applied the CIP Framework was Nirguna which devoted to reviving traditional handloom weaves of Odisha.

Other off-beat applications: Incredible results have been caused in several off-beat aspects like the following: undertaking Kailash Manasarovar Yatra; starting hobbies; restarting passionate hobbies; weight reduction; strengthening relationships within families; genomics; script-writing for movies; making documentaries; selling assets; dramatically increasing turnover of a tiny enterprise; starting a new career; getting a driving license in a European country; ensuring weddings in villages happen without dowry; campaigns for Swachh Bharat Mission; water-shed development; fundraising for charity; completing certificate courses; preparing an initial document for eradicating global hunger; etc.

Newsletter Issue No. 1. Dated 13 November 2021

Athulya Performance Facilitators Causing Incredible Performance

Athulya is the institution that carries the work on Causing Incredible Performance (CIP) on Planet Earth.  When Ms. Nidhi Prabha Tiwari and Prof C Balaji founded Athulya on November 13, 2020, Nidhi came up with this brilliant purpose for

Athulya: Creating Abundance.  This is precisely what CIP leads to! Thanks a ton to Nidhi for this!

Athulya, in Sanskrit, means Incredible.  “Athulya Performance Facilitators” can be interpreted as (a) Athulya-Performance Facilitators (facilitators of incredible performance) and (b) Athulya Performance Facilitators (incredible facilitators of performance).  Both interpretations are apt.

Athulya’s identity is that of an academic institution.  The objectives of Athulya in the Memorandum of Association reflect this.  As an academic institution, Athulya will primarily create and disseminate knowledge on CIP and build capabilities in people to cause incredible performance.  Athulya will do other activities (like research, conferences, publications and creating networks) to further these.

CIP Journey Since 2013: Highlights

    • The CIP Framework has been applied in more than 550 “CIP Projects.”  These projects have been in organizational roles and my personal life.
    • CIP work has happened in a wide variety of industries/organizations.  Mention some of these:  manufacturing and service sectors; commercial and not-for-profit; software, pharmaceuticals, dairy, food products, non-banking financial services, wellness services, hotel etc.
    • The CIP Framework has been applied in Government programs in rural communities to impact the livelihoods of rural women, to start and grow tiny enterprises etc.
    • CIP won the “Promising HR Research Award” in the HR Showcase of the National HRD Network in 2015.
    • Before the COVID pandemic, we did only in-person in-house programs for organizations.  During the pandemic, we started offering online and “open” programs.  We continued activity-based learning even in the online programs.
    • We also conduct programs for individuals – CEOs, CXOs, Founders of start-ups etc.
    • CIP has gone pan-India.  It has also gone beyond the Indian shores – to USA, UK and Germany.
    • The size of the team of people to facilitate and coach has expanded to six! Five more people are under training to be coaches.
    • The CIP Handbook has versions in Hindi, Gujarati and Kannada apart from English.

Going Forward

A lot more needs to be done towards creating abundance.  Some of these that we will do in the immediate future are:

    • We will especially focus on causing huge societal impacts by working with governments, political parties, public systems and international agencies.
    • We will enable people with differential abilities to cause incredible performance.
    • We will train and certify more people as Facilitators and Coaches in CIP-related work.
    • Athulya will continue to offer CIP programs as our Flagship Program to various organizations and individuals; we will continue to offer in-house and open programs and in-person and online programs.
    • We will offer programs on parts of the CIP Framework to address specific requirements of organizations and individuals.
    • We will offer refresher programs for our alumni.
  • We will create resources in case studies, articles, blogs, videos and podcasts.